Visite mystères

Mystery shoppers

A customer is selected by a specialized agency which CAC is working with.
This tour allows you to observe your shop through the eyes of its customers to better meet their expectations, to objectively evaluate the performances, with a visit report and an evaluation based on 54 quality items. Be informed regularly of customers feel to be able to react quickly, make any improvements and enhance the assets.

Diagnostic quality and debriefing

This service is intended for hair salons with at least 3 employees.
The evaluation of the salon is performed by a professional hairdresser who is, or was, an entrepreneur with experience in team and hair salon management, and is formed to carry out audits.
During a day of observation and exchange with employees and manager, the auditor will assess the quality, image, positioning, services, skills, team functioning and management of the salon.
An report, checking 190 control points, with proposed development areas, is sent to the salon.
Following the intervention, a meeting with the team of the salon and the auditor is organized for debriefing on the action plans to implement.

Diagnostic qualité et débriefing

Audit situations

Situation audit

This service is intended for hair salons with 2 or 3 employees.
It aims to measure the quality and profitability of the hair salon. It takes place over a day and includes a half-day of observation and interaction with employees and manager. What follows is the capture and analysis of key figures with the manager.
A global report with tables of analysis is sent to the manager of the salon, with development possibilities on the salon and its image, quality of services, skills and team, operation and management, but also in terms of development levers for the profitability and evolution of the salon.

Coaching numbers

This is a service that includes analysis of the figures of the hairdresser.
The intervention lasts two hours and it is directed by a specialized coach in the management of a hair salon.
This analysis (turnover, services and sales, prices…) allows the entrepreneur to improve his management by knowing the strengths and development levers of his salon. These will be prioritized.
Based on these axes defined with the coach, a plan of action will be established (prioritizing development levers) to increase the profitability of the salon.
This action plan determines the goals for the next 12 months following the intervention.

Audit chiffres